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Iowa Precision - Retrofits

The photos above show the before and after of a Slear-1 Model SLR6016-1 built in 1986 and rebuilt in 2010.

Rebuild process included:

  • Completely dismantled
  • Cleaned, sand blasted and repainted frame and shear head
  • Reground and chromed all rolls
  • Replaced all bearings
  • Replaced or rebuilt all cylinders
  • Added a vinyl applicator
  • Changed speed from 100 to 150 fpm.
  • Changed shear travel from 12” to 16”
  • Increased speed with a larger drive and gearbox
  • Replaced controls with a new controls package
  • Moved controls from left side to right side
  • Updated and added new guarding
  • Reassembled and tested prior to shipping



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