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Flex Fab - Furnace Cabinet Wing Bender

This wing bender is used to produce a side, back, side ā€œUā€ shaped furnace cabinet. The Cabinet is semi-automatically loaded in to the one end of the wing bender via a rollformer and insulation station. The operator locates the cabinet with in the machine using two side guides and one end stop. Once located, he depresses a foot switch which turn on an electromagnet in the center of the machine witch holds the part in place.


The two forming heads automatically move out to the first bend position with a pair of left and right hand ball screws and servo motor. Two bends are made simultaneously on both ends of the part to make the front of the finished cabinet. The form head then moves towards the center of the machine and forms the last two bends which makes the back of the cabinet. Both heads then unclamp the finished part and the conveyor in the center lifts the part up and conveys it out the front towards the operator.

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Width 14" - 24" (355 mm - 609 mm)
Gauge .030" - 60"(0.76 mm - 1.5 mm)
Depth 24" (609 mm)
Height 36" - 60" (914 mm - 1524 mm)
Speed 2 ppm
Available Options  
Up-ender Exit Conveyors
Traversing Uncoiler Dual Head Uncoiler
Peeler Table B&K Leveler
Special Presses & Dies Coil Processor
Automated Stackers Rollformers



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