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Flex Fab - Furnace Filter Fabrication Line

A complete fabrication line that manufactures furnace filters from pre-painted coils. The operator enters the part numbers and quantities to create the manufacturing recipe and starts the line. The equipment will then automatically blank, form and Toxs the frame assembly together. Once the line is full in each station, the controls will pause production until the operator removes the finished door from the exit conveyor (not shown).


Iowa Precision offers a complete range of Coil Handling Equipment. IPI also has access to all of the sister product brands so no matter what the requirement we have a solution.

The main line includes:

  • Up-ender
  • Coil Car
  • Uncoiler
  • Straightener
  • Bridge Table
  • Ultrasonic loop control
  • Coil Processor (Roll feed, 6 Edge Notchers, Emboss Die and 2 Parting Dies)
  • Part Inverter
  • Front/Back Wing Bender
  • End/Bottom “U” Wing Bender
  • Three Tox’s Machines to Assemble the Six Components


The three supporting lines include:

  • Pallet Uncoilers
  • Coil Processor (Straightener, Roll feed, Notchers, and Cut-Off Die)
  • Rollformers


Available Options  
Traversing Uncoiler Dual Head Uncoiler
Peeler Table B&K Leveler



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